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The ARS fuel card, the card that provides you a real service

Enjoy a regional Fuel Card with multiple advantages: Discounts on your fuel based on the amount you buy, without administrative costs, with only one monthly invoice and a detailed list of usage.

For some ten years now, ARS has developed its own Fuel Card. Especially intended for companies and the self-employed of the region, it allows them to refuel at 5 stations: Doncols, Martelange, Troisvierges, Ingeldorf and Bastogne.

Your advantages

  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Close to Doncols, Troisvierges, Martelange, Ingeldorf and Bastogne.
  • Only 1 monthly invoice, direct debit.
  • A different invoices based on countries (Lux.-Bel.).
  • Detailed statement of your consumption by card.

TotalEnergies Doncols

TotalEnergies Martelange 10

TotalEnergies Ingeldorf

Q8 Bastogne

Q8 Troisvierges

Discounts based on your consumption

Thanks to the ARS Fuel Card, you can enjoy a discount on pump prices , based on your average monthly consumption.

The ARS fuel card: how does it work?

Go to one of our 5 service stations
Total Doncols, Total Martelange 10, Total Ingeldorf, Q8 Bastogne or Q8 Troisvierges.

  • Insert your Fuel Card in the outdoor terminal.
  • Fill up with the fuel of your choice.
  • Take your ticket at the terminal and that’s it!

The products you buy in the shops in Martelange and Bastogne can also be included on your statement. Do not hesitate to present your ARS fuel card when paying.

Please read our terms and conditions.

The ARS fuel card is secure

  • Each card has its own unique secret pin code which you can choose.
  • After 3 incorrect codes, the card is automatically frozen.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please phone immediately +352 26 11 88-1.