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ARS, a family-owned company at the service of its customers

Over four decades, the ARS Group has evolved starting from Doncols while remaining faithful to its values: family spirit and service to the customer. Its slogan: “Service with a smile included!”

The ARS Group has been active for more than 40 years in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and in Belgium. Today, it is active in 5 different fields: service station management, retail and drinks, retail, Hotel and catering and real estate. With its headquarters in Doncols, between Bastogne and Wiltz, the Group is made up of 4 companies currently employing some 120 people.

At the beginning, the Doncols petrol station

In 1979, Nicolas Schmit and his wife Anna decided to settle in Bohey, on the border between Belgium and Luxembourg. They then bought what was still only a coffee house with the objective of transforming it into a service station. The station was opened on 1st November 1979 under the Fina brand.

Business expansion

Very quickly, with the support of their youngest son, Arthur, the business developed in the 80’s. Two new service stations at the border were included in their management portfolio: Fina Wasserbilig (until 1994) and Fina Dudelange (until 2007). In 1998, Total purchased the Fina network. The Dudelange station was expanded twice over the next few years to become the largest service station in Europe. In 2007 the station came under the direct management of Total.

At the beginning of the 90’s, the eldest son, René, joined the company. ARS, standing for Arthur and René Schmit, was established in 1994. The acquisition of Mazout Berens, a fuel oil retailer established in Wiltz in 1995 was a new stage in the development of the business. The business was then sold to Total Luxembourg in 2007.

Thanks to various investments, the Doncols site progressively developed and finally became the Centre Commercial Bohey. Around the rebuilt station and its new shop, customers can now find a restaurant, a coffee shop, a sandwich bar, the Arthur perfume store, a sports shop, and a hi-fi store.


The 2000s were synonymous of a diversification of activities.

Service stations management

  • 2008: acquisition of the Total 10 service station in Martelange.
  • 2009: creation of the first automatic service station in Luxembourg, in Troisvierges, under the Total brand.
  • 2011: creation of a Q8 service station in Bastogne (Belgium), with a touch of novelty since it included among its services, apart from a Delhaize Shop & Go and a Panos shop, a 3 star hotel, the Merceny Motel.
  • 2013: takeover of the management of the Q8 stations in Huldange and Pommerloch II.
  • 2014: takeover of the management of the Q8 motorway service station in Capellen.
  • 2017: takeover of the management of the Q8 stations Pommerloch I and Leudelange.
  • 2019: acquisition of the Total service station in Ingeldorf.

Trade in beverages

  • In 2003, the Centre Commercial Bohey became Centre Bohey; it progressively specialized in wines, beers and fine spirits while at the same time offering everyday drinks.
  • In 2012, ARS, in an attempt to develop its beverage business in Belgium, bought the Ardenne Boissons brewery that would be resold at the end of 2014.

Horeca sector

  • In 2006, the original building still included the coffee house and a chip and snack shop and was transformed into a brand new establishment, the Brasserie-Restaurant Le Bohey.
  • En 2011, opening of a 3 star hotel in Bastogne, the Merceny Motel.

Le retail

  • En mai 2018, ARS diversifie davantage ses activités en ouvrant un Proxy Delhaize à Ettelbruck.

Real Estate

In order to support the development of its activities, since the beginning of the 90’s, ARS started a real estate business including the buying and selling of plots of commercial potential, the building of commercial establishments or office leasing.

Family spirit and customer service

In developing their business, Arthur and René Schmit have at all times kept the family spirit alive that prevailed when Nicolas and Anna started their commercial activity in Doncols. Their motivation remains unchanged: to give the best service to the customer!