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Your tailor-made business gifts at Centre Bohey!

3K4B6559-Modifier-2_homeA wide range of baskets and boxes, expert advice, personalized confection and delivery: The Centre Bohey offers you a full and personalized service for your business gifts.

Looking for a gift for your employees or customers? Not wanting to make a mistake? The Centre Bohey is your solution. Its business gift service will help you find the right one. A wide range of quality products, baskets and boxes of all dimensions and careful packaging for your personalized gifts.

A wide range to choose from

Wine box containing 1 to 6 bottles, baskets with special beers of any size, gift baskets, whisky and fine spirits, the Centre Bohey offers you a wide range to choose from for your business gifts. You can choose from the models permanently on display in our Cellar or ask for a personalized option.

A team ready to advise you

Our team is at your service 7 days a week to advise you about the products we offer, the kind of basket or box and the most appropriate packaging. Make an appointment with one of our advisors: + 352 95 84 53 or

Confection and delivery

Whatever the quantity ordered, we prepare your gift baskets or boxes with the utmost care. If you wish, we provide secure delivery of your gifts.

Gift tokens

Centre Bohey

The Centre Bohey gift voucher allows you to offer a personalised gift to your employees on a wide variety of spirits and other drinks..

Brasserie-Restaurant Le Bohey

Treat your employees to a moment of relaxation or tasting with the Brasserie-Restaurant Le Bohey gift voucher.

Shop & station vouchers

To thank your employees, give them a useful gift. The Shop & Station Ticket, worth €25, will enable them to fill up their tanks and do their shopping in the shop.