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The beverage business of the ARS Group

Choice, service and attractive prices. These are the basis of the beverage business developed by the ARS Group since 2002 in Doncols with the creation of the Centre Bohey.

The beverage business launched at the beginning of the 2000’s was the first diversification action undertaken by the ARS Group that until then was only active in the service station sector. Starting with drinks sold at “Luxembourg prices” attracting Belgian customers, the Group broadened its product ranges and added services. Since 2013, ARS has also been running the Proxy Drink Centre, the drink drive-in of the Huldange Q8 Station.

Centre Bohey, the beverage specialist

centre-bohey-logoIn 2000, the ARS Group decided to specialize its Doncols site focusing on the beverage business. What was until then known as the Centre commercial Bohey then became the Centre Bohey.

The store was enlarged in 2002 and the range was progressively developed making ARS a real specialist in its sector.


Initially, specialization focused on wines. The Cellar currently includes over 700 SKUs. Then whisky single malts and fine spirits appeared on the shelves with over 400 SKUs today alongside traditional alcohols and aperitifs. Finally beers with over 400 SKUs. Alongside a wide range of everyday drinks: water, soft drinks and juices.


Alongside the broadening the range of products new services were developed:

  • full-time presence of sommeliers and professional experts to advise customers.
  • creation of the Special Events Service, providing advice, products and special equipment to individuals and businesses wishing to organize a party or a reception.
  • the development of a permanent programme of tasting sessions, special activities and events, particularly the Wine Fair, the Spirits & Whisky Club and many other themed evening events organized in cooperation with the Brasserie-Restaurant Le Bohey.


Offering the best price has been a constant priority. By maintaining a policy of attractive prices and through permanent and numerous promotional actions, the Centre Bohey is on a level-playing field with its neighbouring competitors in Pommerloch and elsewhere.

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The Proxy Drink Center in Huldange

Drink Center Huldange_logo_drive-inARS also operates the Proxy Drink Center in Huldange, a drink drive-in integrated into the Q8 station. Open 7 days a week, from 9 am to 7 pm, the drink drive-in offers a full range of drinks and makes the buying experience easier for the customers.